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Okay, so I just received my Event Diancie today from Mystery Gift(via Serial Code), and I was wondering if any of you guys can suggest a moveset and EVs and IVs for her(since I'm new to competitive Battling, can you guys be specific, please? Thanks!).
Diancie's Info:
Currently Lv. 51
Has a Jolly Nature, raising Speed(which is good), but lowers her Special Attack(I want her to have Special Attacks and Diamond Storm, I want to balance her EVs and IVs for this)
Her Ability is Clear Body
As of now, she knows:
Reflect(Will most likely be removed)
Hidden Power(Rock, sadly, so I'll remove this)
Dazzling Gleam(STAB, coverage of multiple Pokemon)
Diamond Storm(STAB, signature move)
Here's a moveset I found on a GameFAQs discussion:
"seeing how its speed is major crap, I guess Sassy(+spd -spe)
-stealth rock
-diamond storm
-moonblast (why cant this thing play rough)
-light screen/reflect/toxic"

Okay, here's my second problem. If I want to Super Train my Pokemon, how many EVs/IVs does a Large Stat Bag give, and how many Large Stat Bags can one Pokemon use in total before their Stats are maxed out? I want to know more, so can you guys tell me how Super Training works specifically with Stats? Thanks a bunch!


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Here's a Diancie set, which makes use of it's excellent defenses and mixed attacking stats:


Diancie @ Leftovers
Ability: Clear Body
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 SpA
Quiet Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Diamond Storm
- Moonblast
- Hidden Power Fire

As for your Super Training question, Large stat bags give 12 EVs in their corresponding stats. To max out the stat (252 EVs), you'll need to you a whopping 21 Large bags.
However there is an easier way, in Horde EV training. See more about it here.

Hope I helped!

well he said its HP is rock so HP fire cant be used
Thanks, but you forgot that my Diancie is Jolly Natured, and has a Rock-Type Hidden Power. The Jolly Nature raises Speed, and her Base Speed Stat is at a terrible 50, but Jolly lowers Special Attack, which is ironic. Thanks, I'll check up on EVs and IVs later.
I meant to say that this is it's ideal set; Jolly is probably one of the worst natures it could have.
But Mega Diancie has 110 speed, so it might be good there. As for that set, there are no concrete ones as it hasn't been released yet.
Okay, thanks a bunch!