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I was researching odd Pokemon to try and come up with unseen movesets on, well, odd Pokemon, and wanted to get a boosting Beheeyem. On Pokemon Showdown you can get Cosmic Power on it somehow, however when I did the research here on the DB it shows Cosmic Power on the Egg Moves List (http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/elgyem#dex-moves) but no specifics about the breeding parents here(http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/elgyem/egg). Can it learn Cosmic Power through Breeding or not, and if so why is it missing from the Pokemon DB?


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Elgyem can actually learn Cosmic Power in Pokemon X and Y. You can get a Elgyem with Cosmic Power by cross breeding a Male Buneary that knows Comic Power with a Female Elgyem. You can get a Male Buneary with Cosmic Power by cross breeding a Male Skitty that knows Comic Power with a Female Buneary. You can get a Male Skitty with Comic Power by breeding a Male Clefairy with Cosmic Power with a Female Skitty.

This should also probably be noted:

If either parent (or, prior to Generation VI, the father) knows any specific Egg moves that the baby can learn, the baby will inherit the move.

Source: Bulbapedia Cosmic Power Page, Bulbapedia Elgyem Page, Bulbapedia Pokemon Breeding Page
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By the looks of it getting an Elgyem with Cosmic Power may be the longest process of breeding a Pokémon with an Egg move. You have to breeding a Clefairy with a Skitty, then the Skitty with a Buneary, and then the Buneary with a Elgyem o_O