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Why can Manaphy breed and make a phione egg when no legendaries are supposed to be able to breed? And why doesn't Phione evolve into Manaphy, because it is it's parent? I was hoping for some backstory possibly? Thanks!


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Manaphy is based off of an animal from asia that has both male and female organs but when it reproduces it makes an infertile diferrent animal so Manaphy can breed which makes a completely other Pokemon that cannot breed.

(I love how original Pokemon is.)

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Sea Angels aren't just found in Asia, they're found all over the world.
Also the entire concept of Pokemon is based upon bug collecting, so I don't see why it has any obligation to be "original" in any way.
phione can breed i have breed phiones with ditto
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It's really strange, nobody really knows. My guess is that gamefreak wanted to induce the ideas that legendaries are unbreeadble and rare. Then they made manaphy which could breed making it popular and more wanted. Unfortunately it can't breed itself but instead a weaker version, this way, manaphy would have limited distribution but remain popular. It's a clever gimmick if you think about it.

But of course there's rotom.

Rotom =/= legendary.