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Every time I put Ditto and Manaphy in the day care they always seem to not like playing together very much. Is there a way to make it quicker?

Edit: Specific for all games, but would prefer for Pokemon Pearl.

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Oval charm would work. That's really the only way to get a more likely chance to get a egg. What game? If not in gen 6 and up this won't work.
Did you mean to comment this?
I was more like wondering if a manaphy and ditto could have high egg chance without oval charm or whatnot.
The only thing that helps getting eggs is the oval charm to get a better chance of a egg. However, oval charm did not exist back in Pearl so there is no way to get a better chance of a egg.

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The Oval Charm was already mentioned, but it was introduced in B2W2. B2W2 forward, you can use this to increase the chance that an egg is found. In earlier games, you simply wait.

The chance of any two Pokémon producing an Egg is determined by their species (two Bulbasaur are the same species, while Bulbasaur and Ivysaur are not) and their Original Trainers. In Generation III or later, the Day-Care Man will describe the two Pokémon's compatibility when the player speaks to him. An Egg may be generated after every 256 steps the player takes.

(Also applies to Dittos)


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Wait so if I switched the Original Trainer of Manaphy should that theoretically boost the chance of an egg appearing?
Yes (filler)