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So one day I was playing Pokemon X and I decided to Wonder Trade all the Axew's I bred looking for a shiny. After one particular trade, I had gotten a Nincada from Japan. Something looked a little off about it though: it had blue wings instead of the usual green. At first I got really excited because I thought it was a shiny, but when I looked it up, I found it that it wasn't a shiny.

I've tried looking everywhere for some explanation as to why my Nincada has blue wings but nothing. I haven't even found it to be the same situation with Vivillion and it's different wing patterns depending on where it was caught (Mexico, Japan, Korea, etc..) This has been bothering me for months. Can someone possibly explain it? I'd really appreciate it.


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Well because Pokémon X and Y is set in 3D the color variations have changed slightly. Most Pokémon seem to have gone a slightly lighter or dark shade than they were the previous Generation.

Here is Nincada's Gen VI Sprites
Nincada Nincada Shiny
As you can see they have blue wings so your Nincada is nothing out of the unordinary.

Here is Nincada's Gen V Sprites
Nincada Nincada Shiny
As you can see when you compare them against each other, Nincada is darker in it's Generation VI Sprite than it is in it's Generation V Sprite, and yes your right it's wings do look blue instead of green.

Hope I helped :)

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Thank you very much :) I honestly had no idea they changed the coloring of the sprites; I thought my Nincada was glitched or something ^^'
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