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Title says enough.

steals sumwun's line again

Oh lmao I read the question wrong. I hid my answer
Becasue of its ability? idk
Shedinja is literally an empty shell. Nincada is not. This shouldn't be a question that needs to be asked.
It just doesn't make sense to me if a Pokémon evolves and it has lower Base Stats
Shedinja isn't really an evolution of Nincada.
The game designers try to make evolved Pokemon "better", but not always have better stats. Maybe they thought Shedinja was already a lot "better" by having wonder guard and would remain "better" even if its stats went down.

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Shedinja's gimmick is that it has extremely low base stats that will make it die in one hit to anything, but an extremely powerful ability, Wonder Guard, that makes it immune to the majority of attacking moves. It's part of the concept of the Pokemon to have low base stats.

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This has nothing to do with ability. He is asking about base stats!
did you even read my answer, it has low base stats and an amazing ability. that's the gimmick, that's why it has low base stats
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When you compare their stats, when Shedinja evolves from Nincada, it loses 30 HP and 45 Defense, but gains 45 Attack. The Special (Attack and Defense) and Speed stats remain the same.

31--->01 (-30)
45--->90 (+45)
90--->45 (-45)
266->236 (-30)

So, it's all because of the loss of HP, since the loss of Defense and gain of Attack counteract each other.

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"When Shedinja evolves into Nincada", that doesn't sound right.
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It make sense that Shedinja has lower base stats, since it's pretty much a Nincada carcass. (The Pokedex states that it's a hollow shell). Plus, making it have low stats would balance it out since it is immune to all except 5 types.