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I want to know what the events there are for Pokemon X and Y and if you guys can make a list of new HA Pokemon in generation VI can you put it in the answer too?

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Hidden abilities were introduced in generation V, they weren't in generation IV.
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I meant generation VI

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pokebank events:

  • Deoxys changes forms when shown to the meteorites in Ambrette town
  • A girl in snowbelle city Pokemon center gives you the gracidia flower
    when you show her shaymin
  • A scientist near the end of Reflection cave gives you the reveal
    mirror if you show her landorus, thundurus or tornadus
  • A punk girl gives you a DNA splicers if you show her Kyruem in
    Kiloude city
  • A move tutor teaches secret sword and relic song to keldeo and
    meloletta in snowbelle city
  • A hiker gives you all 4 drives for genesect in ambrette town

wi-fi events:

daily events:

  • its a very long list. this might help you

    HA: not totally sure what you meant here, but here are the gen 6 Pokemon (i have listed only one of each family) with new hidden abilities. correct me if you meant something different

-Chespin Bulletproof
-Fennekin Magician
-Froakie Protean
-Bunnelby Huge Power
-Fletchling Gale Wings
-scatterbug Friend Guard
-Litleo Moxie
-Flabébé Symbiosis
-Skiddo Grass Pelt
-Pancham Scrappy
-Espurr Own Tempo
-Meowstic Prankster
-Meowstic Competitive
-Spritzee Aroma Veil
-Swirlix Unburden
-inkay Infiltrator
-Binacle Pickpocket
-Helioptile Solar Power
-Sylveon Pixilate
-Hawlucha Mold Breaker
-Dedenne Plus
-Carbink Sturdy
-Goomy Gooey
-Klefki Magician
-Phantump Harvest
-Pumpkaboo Insomnia
-Bergmite Sturdy
-Noibat Telepathy

for other Pokemon with HA: look here

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Both the list of events and the list of new hidden abilities in gen VI(I assume you meant VI and not IV) are long. You can find the events for X and Y here, I haven't found any list only stating the new hidden abilities but here is a list for all HA as of X and Y and you can find the ones you want to know about.

Sources: Bulbapedia and Serebii

Hope I helped.