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All the events I hear are for North American players.

If there aren't any then, when will there be some and what events have already passed? This is for England.

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I thought events are worldwide and Japan is the only country with exclusives.
^ There are Europe exclusives.

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All worldwide events are also for British players.

So here they go:

  1. The Torchic Event (over)
  2. The Fancy Pattern Vivillon event (over)
  3. The Pokeball Pattern Vivillon event (up-coming in Europe, from August 29 to September 8)
  4. Celebi Event (on the purchase of Pokebank, on-going)
  5. Electabuzz (Y) /Magmar (X) event (on-going, requires serial code, available till September 30)
  6. GAME Charizard with Mega Stone opposite of your game (over)

Hope I helped!

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Do you need to prove that you have a 2/3DS and Pokemon X/Y in order to get the code for the Magmar/Electabuzz event?
Are you sure there arent any Europe-exclusive events?
The Electabuzz/Magmar and Pokeball pattern Vivillon events are Europe exclusive
pokebank celebi ends in september i believe
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Currently, the only wifi event that will be available for European players is the Pokeball Vivillon, which was earlier made available to N.American players.

>Games Obtainable With: X, Y
Available from: August 29th 2014 - September 12th 2014

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There are also various GAME shops that are giving out codes for Electabuzz and Magmar, both holding the Electirizer and Magmarizer respectively. Electabuzz is for Y versions, Magmar is for X versions.

>Games Obtainable With: X, Y
Available from: April 4th 2014 - September 30th 2014

Pokemon official website

There's also the Pokebank Celebi that you get from using Pokebank, but that's a worldwide distribution.

Serebii - events, Europe