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Seasons, for example.


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Here is a list. Chances are high that I do miss a few.

  • Seasons
  • PokéStar Studios
  • Join Avenue
  • Dream World
  • Pokemon World tournament(Though stated to be Unova exclusive)
  • Easy Mode/Challenge Mode
  • Entralink
  • Funfest missions
  • Memory Link
  • Battle Subway(also seems to be a Unova special)
  • Gems(Only the normal gen can be found in Pokemon X/Y as of now)
  • Lock Capsule
  • Sport domes
  • Pokemon Musicals
  • The Relocator(Used to transfer event Pokemon)
  • The Lock Capsule(Used to obtain Snarl in gen 5)
  • The Unity Tower(All people you encountered through WiFi would appear in this building)
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