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Ok so I was looking at all the medals that you can get and one is about Trash cans. Does this mean you can find stuff in the trash cans (should be called bins :P )?
You used to be able to do this is some of the earlier Generations can you do this in BW or BW2?
Thanks in adavance!

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You can find items in trash cans and here is a list of all items in every trash can in both games:
village bridge
- leftovers in the trash can under the bridge
Virbank city
- antidote a trash can, near blue house south of the Pokémon Center
Nimbasa city
- revive In trash can near the Rondez-View Ferris Wheel
- zinc in the trash can near the fountain
Mistralton city
- iron in house near Pokémon Center, in trash can
Humilau city
- full restore in the garbage bin of the hut containing the trainer who wants a mantine
Twist mountain
- full restore in the center outside area inside the trash can next to the vending machine. Accessible only spring, autumn, and summer.
Accumula town
- max repel in the trash can near the benches
Im pretty sure that that is all. I searched through the bulbapedia page for ever location in unova and this is all that I found.

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Where there are bins, Use your Dowsing Machine. It will not normally blink at the trash can, If you have left some items there, Get them Then Check the dowsing Machine. Try Looking Everywhere! Sometimes, Rare candies are in there, And most of the time, Berries. Rare candy: 10% Berries: 50% stat Enhancers: 30% MooMooMilk: 12% And more. As for The Earlier GENS there is HG where there are SOME trash cans and they MIGHT be full. I know the Percentages of Getting items: Rare Bone: 30% Rare Candy: 10% Berries: 12% Eveloutionary Stones: 50% Plates: 5%. As of EARLIER Gens (Groan) In KANTO R/G/B There ARE Trash Cans That Will be full sometimes. Percentages: Rare Candie(s) 40% Berries 80% Rare Items: 5%

This should answer Your question.

The Leftovers, Are not found in trash cans. They are found in the castelia Sewers, Near the science lab.

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the Trash Can medal is for looking in trash cans a lot. IIRC. Sorry I couldn't give a better answer.

Do you know which trash cans are full?