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In any given main-line Pokémon game, there are trash cans. If you go up to a trash can and press A, you will most likely get a message saying "The trash can is empty." But occasionally, the message will change to "You found a Potion in the trash can!" or, "There was an Ultra Ball in the trash can!". This raises two very important questions to me. First, who was dumb enough to throw away a perfectly good Ultra Ball? Second, is the stuff found in trash cans connected to items that I throw away? For instance, in Pokémon Platinum I found a Super Potion in the Old Chateau. Earlier in the game I had thrown away some of my Antidotes. In my Pokémon Omega Ruby game, I have found nothing in any trash can. I have also not thrown anything away. So my question is that is what you find in trash cans somehow releated to what tou throw away, or are they just put in by Game Freak to reward the players who meticulously go through every digital inch of the game (like me)?

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I LOVE THE TRASH CANS AND ALSO CLICK THEM! (Wow, that was silly.) Anyway, the earliest trash can I ever found with stuff in it was  on-what was it called? The S. S. Anne...?-in-was it a kitchen? (My memory's so bad xD ) In the trash can were some berries. This makes sense 'cause the cooks have probably been throwing ruined berries away during the duration of the cooking. That's the only one that makes lots of sense to me XD

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No it's not related to anything that the player throws away, there is just a chance that n item will spawn in (and occasionally a Pokemon) in trash can.

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I didn't know about the Pokémon thing.