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I need to know the exact chance and a link to back it up to make sure it's true. Btw Places where you can find trash cans are Lost Hotel, Pokemon Village, etc.

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Rotom appears on Tuesday and Bannette appears on Thursday, both in shaking trash cans. The rest of the shaking trash cans give you items or Trubbish.
I'm talking about percentage of something overall being in the trash can.
no one knows percentage. a similar question has been asked. the encounter rates are "low" "average" and "common" i think
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Lost Hotel

All Week Trubbish, Garbodor
Tuesday Rotom ( All forms says Serebii)

Pokemon Village

All Week Garbodor
Thursdays Banette

You could also find Items in the range Common Uncommon Rare


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There is no percentage known for that so you won't get a correct answer for that, there are common, uncommon and rare listings though. Pokemon are among the rare things to appear in the trash cans.


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