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Because I don't want to pay...

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Yeah, that $.42 per month is a lot. I'll have to go without buying my monthly gumball. ;-;
Haha yeah I just don't want to leave my pokemon behind
Then use the service. It beats having to buy a second 3DS, which is what would've had to happen if they didn't add this. And it's chump change.
Yeah I guess so who knows they may release something else to transfer them for free
Ya how do we transfer pokemon without pokebank  my brother is letting me borrow his 3ds

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The Pokemon Bank service will actually be free until January 31, although they call it a trial version, so that might mean the Transporter is not included in the trial version.

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Oh right then how do you get it anyway I'm not sure.
Details are sparse since this was just revealed. However, it is assumed that it is downloaded like you would download everything else from the 3DS.
Is that with the e shop or whatever I've never downloaded anything like I actually don't know how.
@charizardtrainer123 yes, with the eshop
Where do I find it and use it
The bank and transporter are both 3DS apps. Neither are out yet, they will be released in December I think.
How will we pay? ;-;