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So I'm gonna make the jump from Gen IV (SoulSilver) to Gen VI (X&Y) as soon as they come out. What I want to know is, what are all the game mechanics that have been introduced in the Gen V games (B/W/B2/W2) in terms of adventuring in the overworld, catching PKMN methods, ways to interact with the overworld, trading, breeding, etc.?

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Now let's see how many of these features get passed on to Gen 6...

I personally am crossing my fingers for Spiky-Eared Pichu (HG/SS exclusive). They better...

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Triple Battles
Rotation Battles
Dream World
Global Link
Wonder Launcher
Dark grass/ shaking grass/ bubbling water/ kicking up of dirt/ etc :p ( where wild Pokemon hide)
More lifelike overworld (such as curves to buildings)
PokeMart/Center combined
Pokemon sprites in-battle move
Pokemon changes color due to status ailment
Camera movement in battle
Battle/overworld music changes in certain conditions
Global Terminal
You can trade Pokemon from the PC box

Repels used outside of bag
Multiple use TM
Habitat list for Pokedex in B2/W2
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Hope I helped :)

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What about re-usable TMs? This is my favourite feature of Gen V :)
And also Repels being continually useable without having to open your bag for every Repel (in B2W2). That feature was accompanied by a heavenly chorus.
Oh yeah you guys are right! i forgot :p thanks :)
Also B2/W2 added the habitat list, for those interested in getting absolutely everything.