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I've tried everything that raises your style at least once in Lumoise City, but the Stone Emporium man still won't lower his prices below 500,000 and I'm still not allowed in Boutique Cotoure. Am I just not doing it enough, or do I need to do something else?

Hint: Have Alexa show you to the avenue she is on (can't remember). Walk into the Lumiose Press, repeat.
I just bought a ton of Premier Balls from the pokeball shop in Lumiose City lol.
The best is talking to alexa and have her show you around

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Well what I did was just get a ton of haircuts but there are other ways to raise style. Maybe it seems like it's not going up because you're getting minimal style gain.

High style gain:

  • Battle Institute: Test out one of your teams
  • Hotel Richissime: Work for the hotel
  • Lumiose Press: Speak to Alexa and have her show you around

Moderate style gain:

  • Juice Shoppe: Create some berry juice
  • Lumiose City: Ride in a taxi or on Gogoat
  • Lumiose Station: Take a train to Kiloude City
  • Lumiose City: Shop in the various stores in the city
  • Lumiose City: Battle in the restaurants in the city

Minimal style gain:

  • Lumiose Museum: Listen to the audio guide for a variety of art pieces
  • Trainer PR Studio: Create a PR Video
  • Loto ID Center: Try to win at the lottery
  • Friseur Furfrou: Get your Furfrou styled
  • Coiffure Clips: Get your character a haircut


Hope I helped!

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Well there are a number of things you can do to improve your style:


  • Create a PR video
  • Ride a Taxi or a Gogoat
  • Listen to the Audio Guide at the Museum
  • Shop at various stores
  • Get your Furfrou styled
  • Take a train to Kiloude City
  • Attempt to win the Lottery
  • Test out your team at the Battle Institute
  • Create Berry Juice at the Juice Shop
  • Battle at the various resaurants
  • Give your character a haircut or styling
  • Have Alexa show you around
  • Work for the hotel

I recommend working for the hotel, having Alexa show you around, and going to the Battle Institute. These activities have the most effect on your style.

If none of them work, your game could be glitches or something. I can't help you from there, though.