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I have knowledge of every way to raise style in Lumiose, and I have been working at the Hotel Richissime. However, my style is not going up, and the man at the stone emporium is stuck at 150,000 dollars per mega stone. I have tried everything else as well. What should I do?

All I can say is continue working there, it will go up unless your game is glitched. :P
If you need money, you can just go to the battle chateau, they give you loads of money
Buy premier ball will also boost style
I am working there to boost my style, not for money (although that is an added benefit).

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You have to work there for a while, or you can use other techniques to get style points, such as

  • test out your team in the battle institute
  • battle in resturants
  • shop in different (or a) store(s) in Lumiose

These are just a few ways to earn style points quick. Here is a list of ways to boost up your style points. If these don't, well, your game might be glitched :/

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>High style gain:
Battle Institute: Test out one of your teams
Hotel Richissime: Work for the hotel
Lumiose Press: Speak to Alexa and have her show you around

If you want to boost your style then try the Battle Institute. Not only does it boost your style, but you also get bp! Hope I helped!

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