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In Pokemon Platinum, I put a Bidoof in the daycare (there was no way I was going to manually evolve it into bibarel) and had taught it HM and TM moves. It turns out the daycare deleted every one, and I need TM strength back! Is there any way I can get it back?

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Just reteach it to your Bidoof.

Strength isn't a TM - it's an HM. HMs are reusable, therefore you should easily reteach it Strength. So don't worry. :)

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Wait a minute, I looked it up and it said you get strength on iron island, and I just beat the 3rd gym. I guess he didn't have strength. He lost all his HM and TM moves though! After checking, I think I've just gone crazy. Thanks for the help :)
That's because whenever your pokemon would learn a new move while they're in the D-care canter the new move replaces the top-most move your pokemon has, so it's possible that's why they got deleted.