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This may look like other questions that have already been asked, but it's not.

OK, so I traded a few Pokemon with the pokerus over to Y that I caught in white 2. And I've already spread it among my normal in-game team, and I'm trying to spread it among a new team I'm making.

The Pokemon I'm using that has it is Tynamo. What I'm doing is putting tynamo in the front of my party, getting it to use a physical move on a wild Pokemon, switching out to one I want to spread it to, and getting them to use a physical move. I've already done this a few times, but none of them have caught it!

The Tynamo's pokerus is still active. It is the same one I used for the others. Is there anything I'm doing wrong?


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Your Tynamo doesn't have to fight. What you need to do is put it in your party directly adjacent to uninfected Pokemon, and it will spread Pokerus as you fight randomly with any Pokemon in your party. Do not surround it with Pokemon that already have been cured from Pokerus, otherwise Pokerus will not spread.

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OK thanks I might as well do that.

I only posted this question literally 2 minutes ago. This is the quickest answer I've ever had!