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I got a Vivillon over GTS with pokerus. I've checked everywhere I could find on how to spread it. I've tried everything I've read, and nothing's worked.

Most say to battle with them in your party. The only other time I've got it, I didn't realize until it was cured. (This was before I got Vivillon) I had never battled with them, just played w/ them in the Aime. They didn't have it before this. I tried it again w/ Vivillon & the ones I wanted to infect, but it didn't work. No, the hadn't had the virus before. None of them I tried have. I don't know what else to try.

Any ideas?

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Pokérus has a random chance of spreading to adjacent Pokémon after a battle. If you have Pokémon with Pokérus in the Second slot and the Fifth slot, it will spread to all of your party, within a few battles. Placing Pokémon in the box doesn't spread Pokérus, it preserves the 'active' state of the virus (when it can spread), so keep some in your box. When your Pokémon has been in your party for around 1 day, it will revert to the 'inactive' state, where it cannot spread however it gives the x2 EV still. To answer your question, no it isn't, it is simply bad luck.

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