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I have placed my pokemon in my pc between two pokerus pokemon how long will it take to spread?

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If a pokemon has the Pokerus "virus" it doesn't spread when it's in the PC at all. The pokemon doesn't lose the Pokerus though, as long as it's in the PC.

To spread it to other pokemon you need to have it on your party, walk around a bit and battle a few times, then the rest of your party will catch it.

Pokerus will usually stay on your pokemon for a few days. It disappears at midnight after those few days so if you need to keep PKRS put the pokemon in the PC overnight.

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Thank you very much:)
Just wanted to let you know that the Pokerus only stays on a pokemon until 12:00 Midnight, even if the DS is off. So if your pokemon has the Pokerus and is in your party over night then by the morning it will be gone.
Actually it does stay for a few days, but yes it's reset at midnight after that.