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Ok, heyo people, my Pokèmon just got Pokerus two days ago for the first time. My Reshiram has been in my party for nearly that entire time, and it still has the Pokerus. I understand that Pokerus only lasts for two days, but if your put the Pokèmon in the PC, it stays for the entire time that the Pokèmon is in the PC. My question is, if I put Reshiram in the PC now, and then take it out again tomorrow, will the timer reset? Will Reshiram keep the Pokerus while out out of the PC for another two days? Or would it only last a few hours, since before being put in the PC, Reshiram had the Pokerus for almost two days?

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The Pokerus WILL NOT reset.

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I believe the Pokerus time is based on the internal clock of the DS/pokemon game; for me, my Pokemon became "cured" after keeping them in my party through midnight (00:00) regardless of how long I've had them in my party (i.e., less than even 2 hours).

So I usually throw all of my currently infected ones into the PC before 00:00, and take 'em back out after 00:00 (and throw them into my PC before I turn the game off, since I don't play every single day).

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The infected Pokémon can infect other Pokémon with the virus for a
period of about two days.

So if you have it outside of the PC for two days, it heals
you can keep it inside the PC for infinite pokerus

No, no, I understand that. My question is, if my Pokemon has it for two days, and I put it in the PC before it is cured, will it have the Pokerus for ANOTHER two days when I take it out again? Does the timer restart? Or would it lose the Pokerus nearly immediately?