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If a Pokemon with pokerus on a black/white cartridge had one day of pokerus left and it was transfered to x/y, would the amount of time pokerus has remaining stay the same?

For example, if you had a pokerus caterpie in black/white and you used up 6 out of 7 days of pokerus (since pokerus takes about a day to wear off) If you transfered that caterpie, would you have 1 day of pokerus left still, or would it reset?

I know this seems like an obvious question, but you never know.

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Pokerus doesn't work that way; it just has a chance of being cured when your game passes midnight and the Pokemon is still in your party. As long as it's in the box, it'll always keep its Pokerus.
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OK, here's the thing:

Pokerus does not really work that way

Pokerus does not have fixed hours of stay, rather, if the Pokemon is in the party when the clock strikes 0:00, the disease will fade away.

So coming to the question, if the Caterpie you say has been transfered over to your game and the time in the DS clock is 0:00, it will go away. If not, Pokerus stays. It does not depend on how many hours it has stayed.

Source: Personal experience in both games and pokerus.
Hope I helped!