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I've wanted 1 of those for along time but gts won't trade nor will pss and chat never answers me

I have meadow vivillion! o3o
Would u be willing to trade it

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Austria Japan France Germany Italy Luxembourg UK
Is meadow

Elegant is
Japan (hokkaido) USA


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Thank you so much now I just need to get someone to trade it
You beat me :(
Yes I did
It took me 3min before I found that link tho
I also have Meadow Vivillon, I can give one too?
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Vivillon has 18 different forms, depending on the region set on the 3DS. (Once encountered, changing the region does not change the form found.)
The region for Elegant Vivillon form is in Japan, Miyazaki
For Meadow is Great Britain.

enter image description here

Thanks still need someone to trade it
I can get you a meadow Vivillon, I live in GB
That'd b wonderful