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for example, I captured a scatterbug and then sent a postcard from go and then evolved my scatterbug. would it be the variant from go or would it be the fancy pattern?
and if I sent a postcard before I captured a scatterbug and then evolved it, would it evolve into the new pattern or does it evolve into the fancy pattern no matter what?

I'm pretty sure it evolves into the form from wherever the postcard is from
does it evolve into the postcard form after i catch it or is fancy pattern pre determined

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The form is locked in when you originally catch the Scatterbug. In the game's data there are 20 forms of Scatterbug, one for for each of the patterns. Same for Spewpa. (You can see in datamines they are labelled from Scatterbug, Scatterbug-1 and so on up to Scatterbug-19.)

I just tested this to verify - I sent a Tundra postcard to Violet earlier and the Vivillon that appear are Tundra. But an old Scatterbug I caught a while back still evolved into the Fancy Pattern. A new Scatterbug, caught after sending the postcard, evolved into the Tundra Pattern. That Scatterbug would stay Tundra forever even after sending a different postcard.

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thanks for risking your save data for this test