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So, let's say I have a Poke Ball Vivillon, and I breed it with a Ditto. Then, I hatch the egg it gives and grind the new Scatterbug up to Level 12, so it evolves. Would the pattern the new Vivillon be a Poke Ball pattern, like it's parent, or would it be the regular pattern that corresponds to my geographic region?

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If you breed a Vivillon you will always get a Scatterbug that later will evolve to a Vivillon with the pattern of your region. When hatching a Vivillon egg you will always get the one that corresponds to the original trainer's (OT) region. Which means that if you get a Scatterbug egg from a trade and then hatch it, it will have the pattern of the original trainer's region, not yours.

Thanks to this guy on reddit for figuring this out.

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