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does its stats get lowered even after a sitrus berry brings it back up to the green? cant tell, and this feels right for my archeops to use. so does it work?


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No, Defeatist will deactivate if the Pokemon's HP rises back up above half. So if the Sitrus Berry does indeed put Archeop's HP back above 50% like you say it will, its stats will return to normal. However, if Archeop's HP drops below 50% again, Defeatist's effects will return.

>When the wielder is at 50% HP or less, its Attack and Special Attack are halved. Both stats return to normal if the wielder's HP goes back above 50%. - Smogon

fizz is right, but as another point, you could try running cofagrigus and use a mummy combo off of a physical attacker that is lower than you. this allows you to occupy your item slot with something more useful such as a Life Orb when you wont have to worry about your HP