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I have been trying to do this for the loooongest time and I need some advice (especially since it's the last thing I need to get the black trainer card) at the moment my team is Swampert (Hammer Arm, Surf Ice Beam Earthquake), Arcanine (Flamethrower, Ariel Ace, Crunch, Thunder Fang) and Dustox (Psychic, Sludge Bomb, Silver ~ind, Energy Ball). So, yeah, if you have any advice or critiques, it would be very much appreciated. =3 Thank You.

Sorry that was Silver Wind. ^-^"
PFF long time no see
In case you're reading this thread in the future, I found a guide that's probably better than both of those answers. https://www.smogon.com/ingame/bc/dp_bt_intro

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Ok its all about your team and technique
change swamperts moveset to his one :

avelench-since swampert is a physical attacker

hammer arm\stone edge-all physical

waterfall-its STAB and its phyical

earthquake-super powerfull physical STAB

change arcanines movest to this one :

flare blitz\flamethrower-STAB (better level it up so it will lrn flare blitz for this echnique)

sunney day-arcanine is uick so its good for it to start things up and powers up this all thechnique

morning sun\thunder fang-morning sun is an egg ove so if you don't want to breeed again then go with thunder fang

solarbeam-no need to charge with morning sun

i will suggest to replace dustox with some kind of a dragon type or some thing like dragonite or salamence the best ould be garchomp

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I think you should change whatever statergy your using. switch pokemon for a viriaty.