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I am ev training my pichu holding a macho brace in the magma hideout. Its in level 19, so I switch it with a strong Pokemon when the battel startes. Torcoal and geodude gives 2 and 1 evs respectively when fainted. And I defeated 3 torcoal and 2 geodude so my pichu should get 3x2=6 ev from torcoal and 1 1=2 ev from geodude. But since it was holding a macho brace it should get double i.e., 6x2 =12 from torcoal and 2x2=4 from geodude. Total 12 4=16 ev in defence, that is 4 points gain in defence. But when it level uped to level 20 it only gained1 point in defence. Even if it was not holding macho brace it should get 2 points in defence. Please help me and tall me whats the problem. I want to make a strong picachu, please help. Thanks.

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The 4 EVs = 1 point works only if the Pokemon in question is at Level 100, which your Pichu is not. As it is a lower level, it has been scaled down, or else your Pichu will have some scary stats at a really low level.

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Well i got it. Then can u plz tell me how much evs r needed to get one point in defence for a level 25 pichu. Actually i am trying to make my pichu a strong richu who can take few hits and also can hit hard. I am thinking of this move sat for richu, brick break(to take down steel type,rock type and since pure ground types r rear, they r mostly rock and ground or steel and ground,so it will help him to fight his weakness ground type) ,volt tuckle, charge and thunder/thunder volt/double team/reflect(i cant decide which move to give for the 4th filler. Thunder cuz volt tuckle is risky if ur hp is low,u could ko ur self too.so i will first use thunder then volt tackle. Double team so it could charge few times and reflect so it can servive few more hit. Am playing emerald.