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I am a relatively smart person, but when reading up on EV training for a small refresher, some forums basically said that Pokemon obtain EVs even when not holding Macho Brace. I previously beleived to obtain EVs, a Pokemon must hold a Macho Brace or Power Items (Brace, anklet, etc.)
So, I ask, is this true?
Also, if I simply want to level up my Pokemon to level 50, it will gain EVs?
I know most of the other EV training mechanics (Power Items, Pokerus, EV reducing berries), if that helps your answering.

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Yes, this is true.

If you defeat a pokemon, u will get 1/2/3 evs to a stat. It depends on the pokemon.

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A Pokemon will gain Effort Values every time it defeats another Pokemon, the amount of EVs and of which stat depends on the Pokemon it defeated. All the Macho Brace does is double the EVs a Pokemon gains at the expense of halving the Pokemon's speed in battle.

I suggest you read more about EVs here.

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