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In X&Y, there's little icon that'll tell you if a Pokemon is foreign, e.g. JPN for a Japanese Pokemon, and it'll have a Japanese name as well. However, when it evolves, it'll evolve into the language of your game.

Does the Masuda method still work with an evolved Pokemon, as long as it has that little icon saying JPN/ ITA/ SPN etc.?


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According to Bulbapedia it will still work as long as it doesn't lose it's place of origin. Also you must keep one of the parents from a different country if you want it to work (JPN + ENG, JPN + FR, etc.)

One example that is with my traded Rhyhorn. When I first received it, he had his Japanese name along with the Japanese icon (JPN). Now it is a fully evolved Rhyperior (with English name) and still has his Japanese icon; still making him a Japanese Pokémon.

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