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this is a 3 in 1 question, the 2nd and 3rd questions lead to the first question

for this i'm going to be using Pokemon examples,

so second question, what if:

i place a japanese male spinda &
a english ditto into a daycare?

which would the offspring be:
(and use female gender for offspring when answering plz)

a. eng female spinda


b. jpn female spinda

third question:

if I placed the japanese spinda and
the female offspring together in the daycare
(this concludes the third question & leads us back to
the first question)-(meaning the title for this/these question(s)


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It occurs whenever Pokémon of differing language are bred.

For your specific case, I'll assume that the copy of the game you're using is English and newer than Generation 3. Any eggs that are laid by your Pokemon and hatched by you should hatch into English Pokemon. Therefore, the female Spinda in the third part should be English, and the Masuda method should activate when it's bred with a Japanese Spinda.

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since spinda wasn't available till Gen 3 so therefore this question is for gen 3+
(meaning generation 3 & up), feel free to edit if you feel it needs to be put in
with the question.
By "newer than Generation 3", I meant Generation 4 and up. The Masuda method didn't exist in Generation 3.