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I am breeding Ralts to have a Jolly nature with the ability Synchronize. I always get Ralts with Trace ability and different natures. I don't have any Jolly natured Ralts yet but I have one Ralts with the ability Synchronize in the Day Care. So how am I going to get that Ralts? P.S, I know you have to use everstone to have a high chance of getting the nature from the parent.


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The fastest way is-

1) Get a Ralts and another Pokemon with the same Egg Group having Jolly nature.
2)Give the other Pokemon an Everstone.
3)Breed them.
4)You should get a Jolly Ralts
5)Breed until you get one with Synchronize.

Hope I helped.

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Well, if you are using the Everstone correctly in X and Y, then your game may be glitched. If one of the parents hold an Everstone and breeds, then that parent's nature will be guaranteed to pass down the nature. So, you shouldn't be getting different natures. So assuming this parent actually has a Jolly nature, then your game may be glitched.

As for the ability, just continue trying, I guess. Sychronize and Trace are both normal abilities, and should be a 50% chance to get any ability. So just keep trying.

Hope I helped. :)
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