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One day I was playing Pokemon Black 2 and a friend of mine gave me his Jirachi. tranfered it over to X and really glad it transfered, so now I know my Jirachi is legit.) I decided I was going to check my Jirachi's IV's in Kiolude City, and he said:

I see... I see... This Pokemon has outstanding potential overall. That's how I judge it, anyway. Incidentally, I would say that its greatest potential lies in its HP. But its Attack stat is good, too. Hmm. And its Defense stat is good, too. Although its Sp. Atk stat is equally good. Its Sp. Def stat seems just as good, though. And, well, its Speed stat is good, too. Stats like those... They simply can't be beat! That's how I judge it.

How rare is it to have a perfect 6IV legendary, event or not?

Is your Jirachi in a cherish ball? What does it say for the 'OT' ?
My Jirachi is in fact in a Cherish Ball and the OT says GAMESTP

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I say it was an event Pokemon sense you can not catch jirachu without it being an event and most event Pokemon have perfect ivs.

But it is possible to catch a legendary with perfect ivs I caught the moltres in Y and it had 3 perfect ivs so some legendaries can be caught with perfect ivs I think its just chance for it to be perfect

Okay thank you :)
All legendaries in X&Y have 3 random perfect IVs.
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All Pokemon that are Legendary have 3 Perfect IVs no matter what(Only Pokemon X and Y).In Gen 5 and before legendary Pokemon had only 1 perfect IV. I feel you are very lucky to get a 6 IV legend. Unless it is an event. Many events have perfect IVs.
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You should EV train your Jirachi.

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