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I have noticed that some "special" Pokemon on the GTS in XY can't be traded.
The list is:
Mew Celebi
Jirachi Deoxys
Darkrai Shaymin
Manaphy Arceus
Victini Keldeo
Meloetta Genesect
They all are event Pokemon and I'm not sure why these can't be traded. Is there an article or something nintendo has put up explaining why it's not possible?
PS I think this applys to wondertrade as well

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Game Freak wanted it that way.

Unfortunately that's just the answer. They haven't supplied us a real reason - probably because they want people to go use the event, not just get it from the GTS, the lazy thing to do.

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Lame answer, but unfortunately true.
well if they want us to use the event, they need to supply it to everyone, not just japan
Well, all Pokemon are released over the world as an event at some point, I believe. It's just some Pokemon have different movesets or Pokeballs or items or somethin'.
this is a valid point (I have most events, just one or two I missed). A lack of items WAS an issue, but that's not overly valid any more. My comment was probably more a hope for a new future (Darkrai with an enigma berry?)
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These Pokémon were only released as part of events. As a result, they are banned from GTS and Wonder Trade. muhhh...

It doesn't matter if they have the ribbon or are in cherish balls or not. They are Pokémon that are banned.

This question was asked in a similar manner previously Here

Answered with exp.


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Haribos did add something very fine to the answer that I didn't bother to add. Of course, it's not all too necessary but he states that even without the Cherish Ball/Classic Ribbon still the event Pokemon can't be traded.
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So any of those Pokemon have a Classic Ribbon or a Premier Ribbon? If so, then you will be unable to trade any and all Pokemon possessing such ribbon. All event Pokemon possess either the Classic Ribbon or the Premier Ribbon.

While event Pokemon cannot be put into the GTS, they can in fact be deposited on Wonder Trade and can be Link Traded.

Source: Experience (Traded event Deoxys to passerby in X for another legendary I can't remember); here

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They can be Link Traded, but Wonder Traded? (I'm not gonna try that since for goodness sake I'll lose my legendary ;-; xD)
They can be both Wonder Traded and Link Traded. My boyfriend's friend got a shiny Manaphy via Wonder Trade, and manaphy is an event pokemon, most likely holding one of the two ribbons
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