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If it wasnt clear, when I hatch a Froakie from an egg I got from a HA Greninja and a ditto will the baby keep the HA?


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Well, it's not a guarantee, but occasionally the baby will have the HA.

As for disadvantages, there are none that really come to mind, except for the fact that you can't get any desired Egg Moves. But otherwise, Ditto is your friend. :D

Hope I helped. :)
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Breeding Page is found Here, ditto's can breed with egg groups and most Pokemon. Except for legends (excluding Manaphy and Phione) They can breed with Ditto, < just saying.

Male's pass on Egg moves
Females pass on Natures and Abilities

(Takes alot of eggs to get the requirements even with 6iv dittos) and other parent.

To get a Ha baby on Froakie and a good IV set Simply put Destiny Knot on 6iv Ditto or IV parent (Froakie, Frogatier and Greninja) and an Everstone on Froakie, Frogatier or Greninja.

Everstone passes Nature and Ability and works best with (females)


Greninja - Female < Everstone>
6iv Ditto - Destiny Knot>

Produces HA froakie - Although HA is not 100% transferable, it can take 2-3 eggs to get it sometimes.