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Ok, by now I know what Serebii says. It says that a make can only pass down it's Hidden Ability if it's bred with Ditto.
However when I searched through the other sites, I also found some that say that the male also has a small chance of passing down Hidden Ability if it's bred with a female of it's own species. I'm not sure of this, so I wanted some clearance. (and end this confusion once and for all)

Which of the two cases is true?


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Both cases are true actually. See when a female Pokemon with a hidden ability is breed with ditto it can pass the ability down. You may be wondering why. That is becasse ditto copies itself excatly to match that female Pokemon so in terms the ability will most likely be passed down. In cases of where the male Pokemon has the hidden ability is different. You see Pokemon are most likely to get the ability from their mother(Female Pokemon). If you were to breed one HA Male and one Regular Ability Female, the offspring would have a regular ability, but there is a 60% chance to pass it down for the Male, while females have an 80% chance. Hoped this helped :D

I see, but that's assuming,

- that the breeding mechanics with Ditto aren't programmed different (which is quite unlikely; Ditto without a doubt has different breeding mechanisms).

- that GF hasn't pulled any of it's "logic"

And Serebii says that males can only pass down HA when bred with Ditto. It would sure be great if you had some proof backing the other point (passing of HA with non-ditto). Eg: anyone having successfully bred HA through that method.