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I have a Male Hidden Ability Emboar that is Legit that I got with the Event. I want to pass its HA down with Breeding via Masuda Method. Yes, I want a Shiny, and I need some form of help before I commence this plan. Do you have any ideas on what I can do to pass down the HA besides hacking a Female Emboar?

What game is this?
ORAS. You could tell when I said Event.

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Breeding a Hidden Ability Emboar with a Ditto will still have a possibility of passing down its Hidden Ability. You'll just have to keep breeding until you get a female Tepig with its HA. The chances are slim, but there is a possibility. The rest is just Masuada Method stuff that you already know.

Source: Experience

Good luck with your Shiny Reckless Emboar!

Thanks. Do you know if I can breed with a Ditto and a Male Emboar and still have the 60% Chance of passing down the HA?
It's a much smaller chance when it comes to males (20-40% or thereabouts), but it is possible. Also, I think the mechanics changed from 60% to 80% for females, but I'm not positive.
Why female?
He's probably not Masuada-ing with Ditto, so the Tepig/Emboar would need to be female in order to make more Tepig.
I am using Ditto. I do not own a Female Emboar, so it may be difficult to pass down with a Japanese Ditto.