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I'm talking IVs here. This thing has a Serious nature at Lvl. 50, freshly obtained.


Which makes for a grand total of 121-136 IVs total, if I did all the math correctly. Seems pretty good to me, I'm just not positive of its nature.

I don't know if I should soft reset for another one or keep this one. I'll end up using Scarf Emboar competitively, so I don't know if I should search for a better nature or not. Let me know what you guys think.


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Nature < IVs

Why? Breeding, that's why. You can either keep the IVs and breed for a better Nature or get a new Nature and breed for IVs. I would recommend breeding for Nature as long as you have a Destiny Knot or Power items.

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I'm not experienced with much of this special breeding stuff (i do know a little) but what do the items help with?
Power Items pass the one IV from the parent to the baby. For example, if you wanted to pass down Emboar's Speed IV you would have it hold a Power Anklet.

The Destiny Knot will pass down 5 random IVs from BOTH parents.

Note that you cannot have one parent with a Power item and a Destiny Knot, or no IVs will be passed down. You can, however, have two different Power items.
Thanks a billion