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Should I teach it Low Sweep to lower the Opponent's Speed, or have it know Flame Charge to raise Emboar's own Speed? Low Sweep has a power of 60, and Flame Charge 50. Any opinions?


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Lowering the opponent's speed will not be that helpful. Should everything go your way you would knock them out so there goes all your hard work lowering their speed.
With flame charge you will raise your own speed and you will retain that speed once you knock out your opponent.

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teach him super power wild charge bulk up and flare blitz this set works very well but if you want to raise or lower speed go with flame charge instead of bulk up.

I'm talking about more practical in-game moves that aren't so drastic.
I didn't ask for a moveset, and what I meant was, should I raise my own Speed with a weaker move or lower my opponent's with a stronger move? Which is more vital?

That's what I meant.