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I can't help but notice that on Deerling's Serebii page there are updated formes for Deerling. So this got me wondering how they actually did it - it still says on that page that the method is unclear, so unless they hack (which is proved to be possible, apparently) I'm thinking they may have brought it from Gen V to Gen VI via PokeTransfer. Can someone with PokeBank test this for me?

My brother owns PokeBank but he'll probably ask me why I'm sending over a stupid little deer into my game. :P


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It will stay the same.

In Generation VI, all wild and trainer Deerling and Sawsbuck appear in Spring Form. Because seasons have been abandoned as a mechanic, Deerling and Sawsbuck do not change appearance, and their Summer, Autumn, and Winter forms must be transferred from a Generation V game. Source.

Source: Above Link

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