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Deerlings in the wild are always in their spring form, and the deerling I caught don't change either!
I tried 3 months in a row to see If it would change,but they don't!
Please, help Is appreciated.


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There is no way to find the other forms of Deerling in X and Y or ORAS. The seasons mechanic from Gen V was removed in those games, so the Deerling will only appear in the wild as their Spring form. The only way to get a Winter, Autumn, or Summer Deerling (or Sawsbuck) in the newer games is to transfer them over from Black and White or Black 2 and White 2.

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Thank you!
We are 2 Mythical Pokemon!
Breeding will keep the season type
@Legolas: True, but you need to already have a Deerling of the right season for that to work.
@ Diancie: True :)
you can catch deerling in ORAS? is it at a mirage spot?
They can be found on Route 117, using the Dex Nav in the post game.
wow didn't know that, thanks