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I rode my bike onto tubeline bridge and it said the season was autumn winter summer and spring at the same time

is something wrong or is it a glitch

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How did it show you four different seasons at the same time? Global warming?
Please describe more!
Most likely its a glitch, like when you go outside and its summer, that it changes to fall, and changes again to winter. Its happened to me lots of times, but if I were you, don't worry about it too much.
ok thanx

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There is only 1 way.
You haven't played the game for 4 months.
So if you didn't play since last September, and you stayed in a building, the building recognizes the season to be the season it was when you entered the building. So September was Spring. When you exit the building, the game cycles until you are in the correct season. Spring->Summer->Autumn->Winter->Spring.

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