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I'm looking to add a Spheal/Walrein to my team in Black 2. However, It is Spring in my game, and Winter won't occur until August.

However, I do have two 3DSs, allowing me to trade between my White and Black 2 games. If possible, I'd want to catch Spheal before winter in the latter game, without trading. Is there any way for me to catch it now, or should I just trade between games?


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Just change the clock
I'd rather trade than change it personally, but that is a very good option in general.

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The only way to obtain a Spheal outside of winter is through the Hidden Grotto in Route 13, by the stairs southwest of the cuttable trees. However, the odds of finding one there are 1%, and they cannot be soft resetted for or easily manipulated in any way, which means there's a very real chance that by the time you find one, it might already be winter within your game. You'd be better off changing the systems clock, like SpillThePolteageist mentioned.

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Hope this helped!

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Okay, thanks!