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What does meta game mean?

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Metagaming is a term for when one plays a game and knows oodles and oodles about the game, and takes it far too seriously. For example, in a game of Pokemon you just run around fighting. If I'm not mistaken, metagaming would involve playing with deep knowledge of the game, such as the moves your opponent is most likely to use; I know that if I see a Snorlax and a ghost type together in a 2v2 PBR game that it's really likely that Snorlax will explode; If I see a Ninjask I can safely assume that it will use Protect, Swords Dance, Protect, and Baton Pass, in that order.

Meta game is such things that is quite obvious. Take this as an example:


Refers to a Pokémon set that typically includes the move Substitute and three attacking moves


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When I battle people at the pokemon place they always say my team is meta. I still dont understand what it means
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Meta game[ing] is when you played it for a very, very long time and basically know everything about that game, literary knowing everything about that game, every detail, just everything. However, you know so much it's almost like you are the maker of the things in that game, and you take the game quite seriously. You are a cunning and strong fighter, and almost can predict your opponents' moves. You know every secret and simply everything in it. You are a master at that game. That's what meta gaming is. Hope it helps!

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