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I recently battled a person online. It was a really tight battle with them having a slight edge over me. My Vaporeon was my only remaining Pokemon and their's was an Yveltal. Vaporeon had just under half health left and was paralyzed. I presumed that because they had the speed advantage and because I was paralyzed, that my chances of pulling off a win were next to zero. For some reason, they proceeded to use Fly against me. Now I understand that this would prevent me from hitting them with an Ice Beam and thus enable them to tie up the match at the final stage of this battle, but due to insane luck, Fly missed and I managed to hit with Ice Beam and win.

What I am saying is, apart from in this way, can Fly ever be useful competitively? I personally don't see it as a useful move apart from in-game.


It can be. Fly isn't completely useless. There are several reasons why Fly might troll the metagame:
1. What you just mentioned.
2. Any use that Bounce has.
3. This: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ubers-52441394

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Fly can be use competetiively as a stalling move for a turn, allowing for:
1. extra damage from status effects (burn, poison)
2. extra damage from weather(sandstorm and hail)
3. Stalling out weather
4. stalling for self inflicted confusion (outrage)
5. Stalling for recovery( black sludge leftovers aqua ring)

all ive found so far, mite be more.

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Leftover healing yourself
recovery healing in general
Thank you :)