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By "best coverage" I mean the most Pokémon they are Super effective on. I am doing this for my Greninja as it has Protean and everything is STAB. The types are:

Water (Move Surf/Waterfall)
Dark (Move Dark Pulse/Night Slash)
Ice (Move Ice Beam)
Grass (Move Grass Knot)
Psychic (Move Extrasensory)
Rock (Move Rock Slide)
Flying (Move Aerial Ace)
Ghost (Move Shadow Sneak)


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As far as I can tell:

Rock & Water

No Effect 0
Not Very Effective 10
Normal Effectiveness 476
Super Effective 288

But Grass/ Rock would give more super effectives as well as more not very effectives.

No Effect 0
Not Very Effective 34
Normal Effectiveness 381
Super Effective 359

If you want a full set then:

Rock Slide
Shadow Sneak
Power-up Punch

No Effect 0
Not Very Effective 0
Normal Effectiveness 277
Super Effective 497

Source - type coverage chart

Ew physical greninja
I've seen it work. It depends on your team.
Physical greninja is annoying when it does more than the expected damage when u turning
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First, I would like to tell you, Rock Slide and Aerial Ace are awfully weak, even with STAB. They needn't to be included on a such Pokémon as Greninja. However, I counted them while searching, and found out that the combination Grass/Rock has the most Supereffective hits, scoring 327 Pokémon hardly hit. However, you will hardly see Rock Slide and Grass Knot on the frog, anyway, and a least abnormal set would involve Ice Beam, Surf, Dark Pulse and U-Turn together. but if you want to play the supereffective key, go for HP {FIRE}, Surf, Grass Knot and Ice Beam and you'll score 444 Super Effectives. Furthermore? There is Grass Knot, Ice Beam, Power-Up Punch and HP {GROUND} which is simply awful but scores 528 Supereffective, but I strongly not recommend it.
I hope this helps.

~ Sincerely yours, Blitz.

Thanks for the effort, but I was only asking for 2 types as my other two moves, Spikes and U-Turn, are set. Probably should've mention that.
Your short answer is Grass/Rock.