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In my copy of Pokemon Crystal, the time goes by in the game based on the game's play time. Is this supposed to occur, or is something wrong with my game? This is a bit of a problem for me, since I want to use Sneasel on my final team and I don't want to sit there in my game grinding and whatnot for 14 hours.


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I don't remember in my original Crystal, but on Playr Crystal follows the in-game play time, and I assume this is also the case in the game. To get night, you just need to play longer; one way is to leave your game on while charging it.

Also you can't evolve Sneasel in Crystal, because Weavile was introduced in Gen IV.

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Thank you!  I think I'm going to keep my game in my GameBoy Player and leave it on overnight since other than that I only have an original GBA.  Also I know that Sneasel will not evolve, I just want to see its potential in its us evolved form in gen 2.  I'm experimenting with potential a lot in this playthrough.  I mean, heck, I'm using Flareon!!!