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I'm gonna get Crystal and Odd Egg shiny hunt. If I duplicate the Odd Egg, will I continuously get the same Pokemon? I think I have heard that once you get a Egg, the game has already decided will it be shiny, what IVs will it have, etc. Is that true? Also just a side question, I think I heard that Cloning Pokemon is more risky in Crystal than Gold or Silver. Is that true?

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You can clone the Odd Egg, but you will get the exact same Pokémon. If you haven't received the Egg yet, there is a variation of the cloning glitch that allows to hatch different Pokémon.

The variation should be here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gZIBbWlHAWM
An yes it’s more dangerous in the beginning

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What is the variation of the cloning glitch that allows you to hatch different Pokemon?
Can you still put it in please?
That page doesn't have any mention of eggs, so how do you know which method is the one you need to use for it?
It said it  had cloning, try https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gZIBbWlHAWM
Does that work for cartridge? I'm doing cartridge.
I would assume so.
If you don't know, then can you please find out? I don't want to get Crystal, only to find out I can't do the Odd Egg duplication.
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  1. Yes it's true, the EVs, IVs, Shininess, Nature, Species, and such are all determined WHEN YOU GET the Egg. I'd suggest Saving in front of the guy that gives you the egg, talk to him to get said egg, hatch said egg, and then if it's not shiny, simply Soft Reset/turn the game off and on again.

  2. I saw in another question that it's more risky because if you don't time turning off the power a second after the period in "Saving don't turn off the power." It will fail. So it's risky in that sense, and sometimes it can glitch and do things like, make them ???s or Lv 0(I'm assuming by duplicate you mean the cloning glitch.)I'm pretty sure they would be the same amount of riskiness though. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Source: Experience hatching eggs, and this: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/308084/how-do-you-do-the-cloning-glitch-in-pokemon-crystal

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If you're not sure or don't know, then why are you answering? Plus knowledge doesn't seem the best source to answer this, do you have a better source to back yourself?
I fixed it.
This doesn't even answer if you'll get the same Pokemon or not.
If you don't save right before getting the egg, and reset to get different ones, then yes, you'll get the same one.