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I have attempted to do this glitch my self but failed every time, I just wanna know a simple way to clone my level 39 Typhlosion so I can continue to hunt for Raikou and also continue training my Typhlosion. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Have the Pokemon you want to clone in your party, and make sure your current box has enough room for it/them (You can clone up to 5 Pokemon at a time). You can attach items to the Pokemon, which will also be cloned in the process.
  2. Save your game in front of the PC.
  3. Deposit the Pokemon one at a time (not 'move without mail') into your box.
  4. Change the box. I have no idea why people say it has to be box 6, but that's untrue. You can switch to any box you want to.
  5. When it says "Saving...do not turn off the power." turn off the power. BUT you have to wait until about one second after the period at the very end of the sentence appears. In Gold/Silver, you don't need to wait for that. I have no idea why it's different in Crystal.
  6. Turn the power back on, and look in your party. All the Pokemon should be there. Now look in your box, and all the Pokemon should be in there as well. There you go!
    P.S. If you end up with a bunch of ???s in you box after you cloned, relese that Pokemon and clone again. I once got a level 0 Dragonair that was the opposite gender of my original Dragonair o_O;; Happy cloning!


I play Pokémon Crystal on my 3ds as a Virtual Console.
I'll get around to trying this hopefully at 8:00 PM.
@Helix716, Don't worry, it wasn't 100% your fault. I'll find a solution tomorrow (now I really need Raikou).
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It is pretty hard to do this glitch and I will tell you how I learned to do it. Basically put your Typhlosion in any box. Then change the box it is in. It will ask you to save when you change boxes. Click yes and when it says, "saving don't turn off the power." click the bottom screen right when you see the period at the end of the sentence. Then after you click the bottom click "reset" and that should do it. It does take time and patience, so keep trying.

I have tried this before in the past and my Typhlosion disappeared. But I found him in a random box. Helix mentioned something I never tried. Both of you were very helpful, thanks.
Did it clone tho?
No, but I might try it again with your info. I would try it now but I'm getting ready for bed.
Wait are you using crystal VC?
yupittty yup
So if you try and do this at the beginning to get all three starters and the first 2 end up with ???????????????? as the name this means its busted and you have to start over right?
@N7HONEYBADGER I am not sure how to do that glitch TBH. I never attempted it b4. I would watch a youtube video.