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If not, what are the risks (other than getting unlucky and wasting a few minutes of my time)?

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Logically, the only way something can fail is if it's NOT done correctly. So technically, if done properly, the Emerald cloning glitch will always work. But I'm nitpicking, ignore me ;D
Back I the days, way way back in the days, my cousin got his entire saved wiped when he tried to use this glitch.
I mean, if I timed the save incorrectly I could delete something else, or something like that.
You're asking what could go wrong?
Pretty much, yeah.

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No matter what I've done with the cloning Glitch it will always work.

Unless you're cloning a Pokemon with no HP because of hacking (due to the order of things you can't do the berry glitch to lower it to 0 without fainting it) in which the clone will be a bad egg.

Source: Over 600+ collective hours of Emerald gameplay and personal experience.

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600 hours?! You have no life.
lol jk